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I studied interior design and metal smithing at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. During my tenure there, I broadened my understanding of a wide range of styles and materials and began to bring harmony to my eclectic interests.


Inspired by the natural world, I am drawn to the detail in organic forms such as tree bark, branches, and roots. I use those exquisite textures as a springboard for my work. In much the same way that I am drawn to bringing the natural world into the home I enjoy decorating the human body with nature.


I create distinctive metal light panels for interior and exterior spaces. Each intricate design is cut by hand, using a plasma cutter. I have executed numerous commissions for private and commercial interests in Miami and the United States.

Some of my earliest memories involve sitting under a weeping willow and watching the magical play of light and shadow through the leaves. Later, when I began studying metalsmithing, I discovered the material's ability to represent the intricacy of the natural world in ways that hearken back to that initial vision. The solidity and weight of bronze and steel, in particular, appealed to me. I found them very grounding. In addition, the smell of the metal while it was being worked was strangely attractive. My steel light panels are really a culmination of my interests in nature and in the contrasting forms of light and shadow, substance and space, gravity and delicacy. They are my attempt to create an environment that is pleasing and soothing but also dynamic and thought provoking.


Over time I have come to believe that strict rules and set themes can hinder the creation of good design. I encourage people to express themselves freely in their living environment, and I enjoy working with my clients to bridge style gaps between members of the same household so that the end result is a unified and successful design for everyone involved.

I layer rich colors and textures with sumptuous fabrics and add subtle details to engender a sense of adventure in my designs. The spaces that I create are unpredictable, where a sense of newness and discovery of new things never wanes.

Rebecca Kyrouac




I am based in the Miami area.